Kaprekar Series Generator: Sitemap

You may want to start with the Introduction to the Kaprekar Series Generator. This new page is still a work in progress, you can also check the original introduction.

The recent changes to the site are listed chronologically in the What's new page.

Kaprekar Series Generator: The proofs

The following proofs are published on this site -

Kaprekar Series Generator: Releases

The description of the project I had submitted for registering the Kaprekar Series Generator on Sourceforge.

The announcement mail I had sent on the first release of the Kaprekar Series generator; a reply to that mail; and my response to that reply.

You can check the change history for the changes made in the various releases.

Kaprekar Series Generator: The Output

I have placed these Kaprekar Constants and Series on the site - I have also summarized the behavior of the Kaprekar Series in the page playing with numbers - these are my observations on checking for patterns in the Kaprekar Series for 2-digit to 50-digit numbers.

Kaprekar Series Generator: UML Diagrams

I have placed the UML diagrams in SVG format -

Kaprekar Series Generator: Other Info

Check out the bots that lurk around in my site.

Kaprekar Series Generator: Download

You can download the latest version of Kaprekar Series Generator at it sourceforge download site.

If you would like to browse the code online, you could do so.

Kaprekar Series Generator: Feedback

If you would like to give any feedback on the application, you can report bugs or ask for a feature request.

Kaprekar Series Generator: Sites

This project is hosted at Sourceforge. You can check this project at Sourceforge, Freshmeat, or at Advogato.

I also maintain a plog (project blog) for the project.

You may want to check my other projects - Matra, Ganita and Charix.